Saturday, 20 August 2011

a glance makes me weak

    what i'm wearing : poodle print mustard blazer, H&M, in outerwear
layered black skirt, in skirts
           gold chain harness, in accessories
                    celine inspired slingback clogs, in shoes
                                         heart series mechanical watch, 25 Hours, in watches

exhausting day at work today. wasn't how i planned it to be, and i was meant to go out 4 other friends for a mass birthday gift shopping for another one of my close friends. Or, i would've chosen that or to go to Japanese festival event my japanese friend invited me to attend with her. but i ended up.. waking up at 7.50 am, rushing my breakfast and choosing the worst pair of shoes (i actually wore my oxford wedges not the celine one i have on) to work in. it hurt like crazy and everytime i walked about i swear i had pins&needles. Aaaand i didn't wear toe socks - y'know the really thin and tiny ones where you wear in flats and can't be seen? - and i feel disgusted because i cannot stand not wearing socks, its unhygienic :(and the workplace was a madhouse i'm telling you, its so noisy and full of old uncles bashing into me but some of them knew me and talked to me for a while. not that i wasn't grateful not to be treated like an outsider or a " new kid " but i really wished i could work in silence so i can get my pay and "zao" ( it means get away asap ) . not that i don't care about making friends, its that they are much older, like 40 + and it would get awkward for all of them asks the same question. and one of the couples were talking about now perfect i would be for their son, why excuse me, i don't take arranged relationships and they were also talking about how lazy their son was. i like hard-workers, what a turn-off and i thought you should be trying to make me impressed? oh but i saw a cute guy that worked there months back too. talked to him the last time but i was busy today so i guess i looked away in a matter of seconds. i didn't tell my sister, but i told my best friend, but it was pretty long ago ! i guess i shouldn't wear a mini-skirt, gee if i really were working, i think i'd be fired on my first day. if you were wondering why i didn't use these celine inspired clogs, its because i felt like falling the minute i tried it. thank goodness i didn't get the originals, because it makes my feet look weird. poor quality too, sigh, i'm going to get a refund. 

busy day tomorrow all over again, i need a break. 
thinking fiji or the caribbean or some sleep at least.