Wednesday, 3 August 2011

turn around and run away

topshop cutout corset in black 

hmm, i'm currently hunting for one! i'm so desperate to get this i'm thinking of sewing one by myself.
topshop should make more corsets and bralets, they make all girls feel sexy.

night-walk by jeffrey campbell

this reminds me of a cresent moon. not just its name, but its unique shape and i wonder if i could moon-walk on this.. but i'll have to learn to moon-walk on flat-ground first. gee, how i wish this item wasn't oos. it brings mary-janes to a whole new level

leopard print and suede creepers by brothel creepers

platform shoes can make one feel superior, but in my case it just makes me feel giant.
but they are so pretty aren't they? 

architectural dress by silence and noise

these prints remind me of ink stamps or chinese brush strokes because of its bushy textures and rough lines that are created when swiped across how it seems to look netted, thanks to its nude base color, but without being overly-revealing.andddd it's bareback! 

 Lucite cream and black cuff by chanel

three year old and still popular. this push-lock cuff in classic black and cream makes me drool.
wonder where i can go to find one of these, anyone holding chanel sprees ?
i'm a big fan of cc chanel 

floppy hat by unknown

i've been looking for this all over. i wouldn't mind getting 3/4 colours , in mustard, wine-red, navy and black.sadly it can't really shield me from the rain as it is felt and should not be in contact with any sort of liquid ! soft and foldable, free and easy.

Gingham Laptop Case by Marc by Marc Jacobs

this would be great treat for my macbook, since i dropped it twice and chipped part of it. :( although it came out a year ago, i think its still pretty cute, and gringham check has never gone out of fashion.