Saturday, 10 September 2011


so here we are again, an hour late, back at Sentosa for the third time this year, but only today,its for a very gorgeous red-head ( oh, how i love girls with red hair ) and her sweet sixteen. i had so much fun with her family and friends, the great food, the awesome foam pool and games. we played volly-ball, game of tag and attempted to make our own whirl pool, by swimming in circles, very retardedly, as we laughed our way to sexier abs. after-all, two weeks of crazy studying would drive us all insane, so i guess a lil' fun wouldn't hurt. 
hope you all enjoy the photos, not just my friends but also my readers, and hopefully you'll make a trip or two there ! 
at the meantime, happy early birthday Clancy j. R , thank you for being such a fun, amazing, smart friend, and may all your wishes come true, i love you very very much !! As for the rest who attended today, thanks for making my day sunnier than it actually was, you light up the sky with your smiles, and i truly enjoyed myself :)

ps. apologise for the extremely long post, and no fashion updates too :( another day, i promise it'll be well worth the wait