Monday, 5 September 2011

empire state

its been a real tiring day - studied for 5 hours straight, before meeting up with the girls then heading home. long journey home, but at least i made it back. i don't like taking the train, because i tend to observe the worse singaporeans, the inconsiderate ones. i hate it when they pretend to sleep, when someone standing in front of them needs the seat. heres an idea, why not make all seats reserved seats- shouldn't everyone give up theirs when they see that theres others who need it more? i hope that everyone can be more polite and caring towards one another, and for goodness sake, whats so difficult about standing for the next 10 minutes or so? put yourselves into their shoes, injured, old or those who are carrying heavy items - you need not have someone younger than you tell you to give up your seats, do you? anyway, i shall not go on any further, it'll make me more pissed than ever :( enough grandma stories,  3 more sleeps till i get my cast off for good.  
and heres something that mr postman delivered to my home today, Kimchi Blue Destination Travel wallet, which you can view here, but its sold out currently so you'll have to be on waiting list at urban i've always wanted to go and get my second  or third degree in NY, so this gives me a little more motivation each time i look at it. its weaved, although coarse, has smooth faux leather and tassel to balance its feel. my first priority when i opened the wallet was to put in a card that my friend Jo had given to me this year, unexpected but sweet :) thanks for the wallet , Clara! Next up, my floppy hat, which is actually in wine red but appears darker due to lighting. its something i really wanted for quite some time now, really satisfied with it, for i've been looking all over. thank you ling wei ( join her preorders! ) , see you soon!

sorry for the long post , but, goodnight world!