Wednesday, 14 September 2011

i'm sorry

i guess i don't have much to type about today, the only thing i remembered was some notes i took down during my lesson on censorship and new media, and the rest of it went out the windows of the bus. i also remember looking out at the sky and wondering why the haze was in a shade of dusty lavender,  the these are one of the times where i wished someone skywrote ( google this if you don't know the meaning! ) something for me. but, all my creative and imaginative juices had been sucked dry after 3 hours of doing a stop-motion animation clip due tomorrow, and its a real back-breaker. sometimes i just feel like being in a normal school, one where i could focus on my academics when exams were coming, instead of still doing art assessments that just adds more load. i'm starting to feel that Sota ( school of the Arts Singapore ) is more abnormal than ever. any moment now i will pass out, is anyone feeling as stressed as i am?

sorry not much updates today, its not that i'm losing interest in blogging, its just that i'm running out of time :( goodnight, everyone.