Sunday, 18 December 2011

third & last image credits to venice
" all prizes must go " final lucky draw / 16th december / 6.00pm 

when a restaurant that has more than 115 outlets, and a world famous board game with an estimated 750 million people playing it collaborates, here comes the fun and games. 
At the "all prizes must go" event, the winner of the night went to Mr Sank Subbu of $80,000,
but other prizes were split upon some 300 or more lucky participants to be walking away prizes ranging from monopoly board game sets to holidays overseas . before i arrived promptly at the fountain sq. located at Clarke Quay, excited members of the public were already registering, chatting, and full of hope. Members of OMY.SG - Janet, had invited about bloggers from different parts of singapore, to attend and also take part that sunny day! Being a low-profile fashion blogger in singapore, i decided it was my opportunity to mingle with other bloggers of various ages and experiences whom i have never met before. 

congratulations to those who had won prizes that day and those whom have eagerly collecting game labels that come with the extra-value meals!