Tuesday, 20 March 2012

baby blues

credits to Emily 

well, its a tuesday night, doing my research, home alone, with no good food at all. Emilie Griottes' tarts makes my tummy rumble with such delight at the sight of this amazing creations and at the same time lots of disappointment knowing that i'd be surviving on snickers bars and oily food for the rest of my school-packed week. i'd always wanted to get those pantone colour pads! then maybe i could number off my clothes according to their tone and shades too! 

credits to nastygal

i used to be a girl who said shoes weren't important, and now i can't live a week without checking solestruck or nastygal's new kicks. the colours makes my heart melt. the ones i am eyeing on are the Perfect Platform in Aqua Patent by Jeffrey campbell ( i love JC ! ) and Saffir Platform Pump in Blush by Senso.

ps. i have yet to purchase a pair of shoes from Senso, this might just be my chance!