Friday, 16 March 2012

put on a show

this pop-up style baking kit was something i wanted to get for myself but was too costly for just admiring the cover, because i simply don't have the time to bake! i'm not the kind of girl who likes cupcakes or muffins as i love pies more... so i thought maybe my lovely friend, zandra, would like it as her 16th birthday gift! i was considering the sewing kid version they have in stores and also online at fredflare, if i am correct, but oh, the price is still a B***h. i didn't mean to sound vulgar but there simply isn't another word i can think of that has the same meaning!

got some nail polish the other day!Coral is one of my fav colours and i guess it suits the heated weather in singapore, as pastels are bright and fun but not too glaring in the way neons make my eyes bleed. Whats better than to stay with the colour-code of this season ? i'm prepared to buy like 3 sets of this for different friends because everyone likes nail polish! i'd say stick with spring pastels Unless you want to be a trendsetter , but thats a whole different thing.

funny little book that i mentioned earlier which i got for only $2! i've digested nearly the whole book in 2 days and its been one of my luckiest picks at a book sale, considering other onlookers wanting to snatch away books the moment you look away or ones they claim they spotted it first. Nah, just kidding, nowadays people read ebooks, but i don't like them as i like doggyears, folds and marks on my books. i like to run my fingers across the creases at the book spine, the edges and the pages, and that way i'd know it belongs to me and only me. 
well, i'd better get back to my yummy freddo cadbury chocolates that are in my ginger bread house tin before they melt to soup , my last 2 pages of my book and then put on a mask for the pleasure of feeling like a very spoilt pampered little girl. I don't do this everyday, i only do it when i like something cold on my face to calm my jumpiness and i don't like vegetables on my face so cucumbers are not an option. 

adios! off at my friend's beach birthday get-together! xx