Friday, 6 April 2012

days like this

school's been really busy and most lessons just feels more demoralizing each time. i feel like i'm being sucked into a black hole that i can't get out of. one day i'll just disappear to a place where there won't be any rewards for everything i've done. no feeling of happiness or ultimate satisfaction or even memory. so i keep asking myself whats suffering for, but then i look at the less fortunate and patients. Then i hold in my struggles because its nothing compared to theirs, keep my head high and move on.

what i'm wearing : asymmetrical skirt, supre, in bottoms
                       oriental bralet, Topshop, in tops
                              blue bag, vintage Valentino, in bags
       gold sandals, in shoes
                  cross bracelet, in accessories

these photos were actually taken in preparation of National Donate Life day this month, and i did this to contribute and help to spread awareness. On 20th april, people all over the world wear the colours green or blue to help promote organ donation, so i hope that when i walk home that day , i'd feel some comfort knowing that someone cares about another's suffering. when i grow up, i wish to become both an organ and blood donor.