about me

hello you, i'm charlene! i'm a typical girly girl, who shops hard and studies hard. i live and breathe fashion, and i agree that shopping makes the world a better place ( well, at least for fashionistas! ). i like sports, doesn't diet or wear makeup,can't stand insecure people, freckle lover,and hates smokers or drinkers. Like everyone else, i have my lazy days where i just sit and eat my ben&jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake till i puke ice chunks, or slug around like nobody's business! I'm also pretty odd, as i like my quiet time, and people mistake me for being emo... but I pretty much love isolating myself, by not having social networking sites like Facebook, Skype, Twitter and the list goes on. So, i guess you're lucky to have found me on my fashion blog ( or not ? )

A Toast To wonderland has been here since 21st june 2011 , a place for wonderful, magical daily musings revolving around a girl in a fantasy fashion world.

email : shoperecxic@hotmail.com
shop : http://shopatoasttowonderland.blogspot.com/

♡ FAQ 
♡ where are you from?
some tiny island you wouldn't know called Singapore

what would you aspire to be in the future? 
fashion designer, stylist, fashion blogger.

where do you school?
School of the Arts Singapore, SOTA. come visit me! 

♡ how would you describe your style?
i wouldn't because i can't . i have so many sides to me and i wear al sorts of things that i can't label it.

♡ what food do you like the most?
deserts like scones, waffles, but of course the winner is creme brulee.

♡ what online store do you like the most?
i can't decide!

♡ what shows/movies to do you like the most?
NCIS, Awkward, Monsters Inc., Charlie St. cloud, TOY STORY*!

♡ who are your idols?
David archie, Tokio Hotel, Travie Mccoy, and the list goes on :)

what is your favorite song?
The Saltwater room by Owl City

♡ where do you want to go?
All over the world, how cliche, but well, its true. :)

♡ what are you most proud of ?
definitely the fact that i have the same birthday as my favorite solo singer, david archuleta :) whoopee

♡ 10 ways to win me over:
1.go crazy with me or fake excitement just me make me excited about my idols
2.make me go all happy by talking to me about Toy Story
3.buy me creme brulee or balloons
4.sitting and stoning in a corner with me
5.having quite time with me
6.looking for a four-leaf clover that i really really want with me
7.keep smiling
8.be a fellow blogger
9.be nice
10.be humble

♡ what camera do you use?
i use a nikon d5000, no more no less :)

♡ why do you like blogging?
its like a diary to me, just with visuals and open to everyone! :) i also love meeting other fashion bloggers and being recognized as one of them! tee hee

♡ who are your favorite bloggers?
hmm, i really like Melody from MissingAvenue, she really inspired me to start blogging! Kani Cao is also another stye goddess and she really rocks mixing crazy prints together, something i don't have the guts to do so! but i like many,many other bloggers, so if you show yourselves, i'd follow if i genuinely like your style n' all. no pressure :)