Tuesday, 12 July 2011

im a saint but also a sinner

i had a great day today. wasn't all too boring, as we got to do science experiments today and i really enjoy that. its the only part of science that usually keeps me awake on these
 hot humid days.
i had tuition today too, and even though i dread learning because i try to study and work solo, i do feel satisfied that i could sit through the whole lesson. and i that also means the extra practice would guarantee something more than a big fat 0. just kidding, i don't do that bad in my academics!

 what i'm wearing : striped glittery bralet, in undergarments
felt patchwork cardigan, modparade, in cardigans
 cream-lemon bandage skirt, topshop, in skirts

sorry for my really really messy room, it was getting late and dark out while i was going out to the field near my house.. so i decided to take a few photos first! and sorry for the bad quality photos, overly yellow photos that is produced by my room light and my fierce-looking in a bad way face in the first picture.
i have a small room, with a wardrobe, a toilet and a queen-sized bed next to my study table. its about time i renovated my room and brought it new furniture, so i hope i'll find some time amongst these busy weeks to do so. if you were wondering why i have so much stuff from modparade, its because its one of my favourite brands in singapore. do check out their new arrivals, today at 10 pm, click here to be taken to their online store!