Friday 19 October 2012

i found you

This cloud-print dress was gifted from Pact With Love . Decided to hang it up on the abandoned corner of my house, figuring that it could light up the place, somehow.I picked this as i love the sky. I gaze at it as i make my way to school, and my way back, always wondering how it ever got so beautiful. Especially how it never really aged, almost timeless, changing slightly, but never quite noticed. The reason why i admire it. Note how i drifted a little off, but thats the daydreamy effect this dress has on me. Catch it while you still can in stores now ♡ hope you all had a great week!


Monday 15 October 2012

to never ask why

what i'm wearing : bulb purse, vintage, in bags 
                               suede lace-up boots, in shoes
                                                     stud panel dress, Untitled Label, in dresses 

Tomorrow is when my exam results are back , and guessing i'd be in a dark place the next couple of days, or maybe ( if i'm lucky ), celebrating! Tried to get that out of mind by having a hot stroll around marina bay, then having some TWG tea time treats. 

my week on instagram ( charlenearchiekaulitz )
Do search me up to see the photos in colour !
hmmmmm, last.two.left.

Sunday 14 October 2012

when the sky falls

Woke up feeling inspired today. Noticed how my blog lacked primary colours. My bedside table is flooded with the usual bobby tins, random pens, nail polish, book, lip stuff and so i spiced it up by rearranging it to make it pic-worthy. Anyone a fan of fisheye cameras? i'm hoping to get one soon ... 

unsure which one of these shades of red will be on my tippy toes - shanghai, crimson, cardinal, vermillion or terra cotta.


Friday 12 October 2012

where i have been


Its been at least 3 weeks since my last update. i'm sorry, and its been equally as painful for me not to find a proper way to express how i feel. All my one-liner thoughts of anger, stress, determination and even at times, joy and anticipation were all noted in my iphone, and that kept me going. But all is not lost, i'll soon share what i've experienced every day right here at this space. Blogging has been a big part of my life and i can't really explain my love for it. My examinations have ended, ( thank god ) and i have appreciated everyone's well wishes! Its about time i started replying to my near dead email account...hehe


what i'm wearing : rose-bed blouse, vintage, in tops 
                         ribbon mint shorts, in bottoms
                            bowler tote, Cotton On, in bags 

Summer is fading and fall has approached, and i felt that it was the right time to take out this light blush-toned blouse ! as for the colour-blocking and pastel scheme, i admit i'm still in love with the summer palette and aren't quite yet ready to let it go. Fished out a brooch that was gifted from My Bunti sometime ago! suits it perfectly today, but i couldn't bring myself to poke the tiniest holes in my vintage one-off piece! Will keep my one-week break with plans with friends and keeping up with some of my newest sponsors - Cotton On , who sent me several pieces to play around with. currently rationing the goodies for different posts 

once again its great to be back - but before i log off, to curl my hair or not to curl ? its been a frizzy mess for as long as i can remember and i'm quite sick of ten-dollar hair cuts! Time for a change, i suppose? 

Monday 10 September 2012

the sovereign light cafe


Thursday afternoon, had too many errands to run so it ruined my plans for an hour of reading at the beach. guess i brought the beach to me instead, by wearing this sailor-style vintage top that i got just last week. it has seahorses, seashells and fishes all over! you probably think i am so full of myself - posting so many of the same images of myself - haha, i just love playing around with photo  effects . will share more sometime. 

This is probably just a small preview of my own collection - Salt Seas, that is scheduled to launch nearer december, after my end-of-year examinations! It would probably be filled with both vintage, modern and handmade pieces of similar nautical designs .

what i'm wearing: bow flats, in shoes
                                               embroidered skirt, in bottoms
                                                           chain ring, handmade, in accessories
                                                                            by the sea double breasted shirt, vintage, in tops
                                                                               i'm really a mermaid necklace, ILC, in accessories

This is from I Love Crafty. ILC got me to pick my top choice accessory and you're looking right at it. It came in a beautifully packaged 6-layer wrapping, with name cards and thank you messages all over ♡ loved it so much it took me this long to put together an outfit that was worthy of this baby.

oh, and the winner for the ATOASTTOWONDERLAND X MAM giveaway goes to Samantha Lim!

Wednesday 5 September 2012

picking up the pieces

had so much good food at Holland Village its like heaven on earth. I can't think of anything better than brunch the minute i wake up ! got chased out of the house by my insane sister barking at me to hurry up. Didn't complain much, she made up for bringing me to cafe Hatched. will upload the images of the food sometime later, for this post is getting a little long! 

what i'm wearing : cherry shorts, in bottoms
                           jade collar top, in tops
                                                                        japanese felt & fabric brooch, Krize, in accessories
                                               celine python clutch replica, in bags
                                                    painter's watch, vintage, in accessories
                                                               steve madden gretta platform replica, in shoes

had a photo-taking session afterwards along the stretch of eateries, in the hot sun. Funny i didn't have my frizzy hair up in the usual poofy bun, guess i was too busy flipping through desert menus ! Settled for haagen dazs' green tea ice cream as i haven't tried that before. just so happened to match my green-red assemble, jade/ emerald is my new choice of colour find this outfit at my shop now! 

ps. the brooch was sent to me by Sponsor Kristina who is a children's book illustrator ! Do head down to her etsy store, Krize, for original exclusive pieces. 

Tuesday 4 September 2012

two legs of stone

woke up this morning to some yoghurt with fresh fruit 
toppings and the melody of Bedshaped by Keane

something berry sweet is coming soon ...
( i can't get any punnier haha )