Thursday, 22 September 2011

over your head

skip skip ahead to 1:23 of the video!!! he sings straight into my cam!

after david's new song came up a while ago, Everything And More,  it instantly brought me back to the time where i attending his concert, just last year. thanks to my friend, beverly and her family who invited me to be a vip with them at this event! and i wrote in one of my really old post, i would post some pictures of this up! what can i say - i'm an arch angel( for those who are not sure, Archangels are what achie's fans call themselves)  his music transports us all to another time and space, and i've loved him since his appearance on american idol, and won his place at runner up to david cook. he's inspirational and real optimistic and he loves his fans too! i got to take 2 pictures with him, and i got to shake hands twice( one during the showcase and the other during the autograph session the following day ) and we had private meet-n-greets. The other fans had to queue for hours to see the performance while we just strolled right in to the vip lounge with all the reporters. i was so shy - or rather too shy to hug him, but his hands were soft and warm(this sounds rather weird but its really true, please don't judge me) sweet lovely guy, we chatted for a short moment and he said he was going back to thailand soon, and i was going to thailand for a holiday then too!! i was horribly insanely excited and i did hope to see him there again. i passed him a letter and a small gift i made, and got an hard-cover photograph of him i had sent for printing signed ! he used MY pen, and it had his signature clearly on it! i was so happy i couldn't help smiling.
list of my top 10 favorite songs from david:
touch my hand
falling stars
a little too not over you
stompin' on roses
something bout love
my kind of perfect
parachutes and airplanes
look around
everything and more 

i have the same birthday as he does, and i'm not going to hide the fact that i'm so happy about that! i'm just another teenager who goes crazy over their idols sometimes.