Sunday, 28 August 2011

vanilla twilight

today, i woke up upon the arrival of a very very sweet surprise, 
courtesy of Jolene Lim who helped me snag one of the last few pairs of jeffrey campbell 's 99 in black boots, which are forever sold out at . thanks a billion, and i'm beyond psyched to wear it out soon! although the outer skin of the shoe is synthetic leather, the lining is genuine therefore i'm still a little hesitant to put them on. unlike my TOMS shoes, the base is removable but i won't attempt to remove this pair's as i'm pretty sure i'd ruin it. i guess this is where my socks come in! i always thought that my first pair of jc's would be when i'm 18 or older, and it would've been the jc benched, jc skater or jc 99 in suede blue. but, i'm really happy with this pair, and not to mention incredibly grateful to Jolene! i've even got my outfit planned when i go out with these babies when i get my cast removed !

lunch with my relatives and my sister's bf - indian food and homemade pizza, i'm 
telling you nothing can beat this day! ohh, its time to go study now, end-of-year papers are coming up in four weeks! 
"My God, 
amazing how we got this far
It's like were chasing all those stars
Who's driving shiny big black cars"

                                         - one republic