Saturday, 24 September 2011

build upon

      what i'm wearing : tropical tie romper, nastygal, in rompers/playsuits
   round shades, in accessories
vintage 2-way bag, in bags

to many of you, this might be a really boring post of pictures of an old coffee shop. but its a really sentimental place in me where i got my inspiration, happiness and all things wonderful for about 6 years since kindergarden. it gave me my time to grow and spend time with my grandmother who was my caretaker then, and hours of producing sketches at a young age. i know all the shop keepers, friends and neighbors, that would be scattered around singapore soon after 30 years of working here. eating this paddle pop ice cream i had years back, reminded me of the time my sis and i were at this ancient playground. this place is and was my home, and for every saturday for the past three weeks, i visited, hoping it would never leave to make way for the new flats that would take its place.
i owe it so much more." i found a place where i can loose myself, and just leave your memory on the shelf. "