Friday, 21 October 2011


                       what i'm wearing: off-shoulder knit, Alexander Wang inspired, in outerwear
gold cuff, in accessories
       gold earrings, in accessories

hey all heres for today's update. i got my steve madden carnby-s in tapestry!!!freshly delivered, 5.25 inches, platform mid-calf boots i had ordered quite some time ago.
The best part is it is made of faux leather and it has a reaaally smooth exterior. saved up for it all by myself and i can't wait to take these out for a walk ;) 
heres a shot that my sister took for me with my damp hair, it was raining outside so i couldn't take better photos so i settled with car- shots. will do a closeup description of the earrings soon. i love the rain though. its so calming and i wouldn't mind spending my entire day watching it, i'll never get bored.