Thursday, 6 October 2011

pinkette blues

hello, went shopping at h&m today! it was my last day of exams, but i didn't feel too good as i made so many careless mistakes .. there goes my 90 marks... and i have this terrible flu, and a really bad sore throat because i had been mugging the few weeks. all i can do is hope for the best now.

a little something for a friend who is also a fashion enthusiast, and her tumblr is always filled with re-blogged bikini shots.
 yes, you know who you are ;)
borrowed my sister's military highwaist, the one with detailed shiny buttons that is blinding in the morning sun. the only downside is its annoying zipper.. 
i like bags like these - cambridge satchels. was supposed to fit my labtop, but i realized only after i bought it that it was an inch too small, what a pity!
my plaid shirt i got a year or two ago. waiting on it to fade, so i can pass it off as a vintage item. aren't the colours pretty? wait til you feast your eyes on the embroidered back.
mary-janes that was given to me by Denise from Discostix, thank you!the're best to take photos of, with its striped base and simple exterior

autumn' s calling.
winters fast approaching

hmmm, suede and fur. but its easily dirtied.
these tights are really eye-catching, but they didn't look good on me, i tend to go for darker bottoms

love this furry thing. never got it, nor would i ever have the chance to wear it in singapore.
i hope its not real fur though..... 
necklaces or necklaces for you? i don't really like pearl jewelry. they seem too mature for me. but pearl bustiers and other garments are okay i guess.
some glittery shoes in bronze, reminds me of christmas !
its a nice pair to wear to a thanksgiving dinner under the glow of the amber lights

this is the only thing i saw that i was crazy in love with. $119.90, i memorized the price, so i know how much more exactly i have to save up for. absolutely gorgeous piece, but its xs size is like 3 times as big as my normal sizing. but who cares, i'm still going to get it!!

this necklace puzzles me. i wonder how they made it look so tree-trunk-ish. like a swirly fusion of oil and watercolour paints
sweat socks or gloves, i don't really remember what this was, either way, i love knits and aztec,they make an amazing combination
this looks like seashells. i like how they are soft and crisp
and it flops up when it is hung! 

sunglasses are an essential. but not when you have spectacles :(
maybe i should go for contact lens...
this orange looks best on the tanned and darker toned.
i'm yellow skinned so burnt orange matches me better, as much as i like neons and pastels.
mossy perfection. i think its felt, gosh, why does my memory keep failing on me? either way, felt hats, felt tops, felt gloves is just heavenly.
yup, heres the back shot of my top,embroidered. til today i have no idea what it writes - didn't bother.plain lazy.
i seriously need to sew those military shorts so it doesn't keep going out of place, i can't stop meddling with it >:(
random shot between the hangers. 
i realized that i didn't buy anything today.YAY!
i hate it when my hair is frizzy and flies everywhere. maybe its because i've got overgrown bangs. 

yup, a snack before i go home, a tea for two at the ko pi tiam 
( for my international followers, it means cafeteria/coffee shop )


hope you enjoyed my post! 
sorry it took so long, blame my exams, because i feel like blogging every second i have.that's the truth.