Wednesday, 2 November 2011


dreams are believing.
goals are achieving 
             today was pretty much awesome for me. i had amazing luck today, for i was 2 minutes before being considered late. and i didn't expect so. then we had to sit through a debate as one of our classes, and i used the time to catch up with my good friend claudia for she had just returned from Copenhagen! and then we watched some videos my friends had made for over 2 hours, and it was fantastic - i had great laugh :) And then i got my visual arts art selection results , and i got the course i wanted , which was of course design. i love my teachers , they are really sweet, and even though design is the hardest out of the other courses because it is based on concepts, i was so excited. for next year, for new experiments, as well as new friendships with those going to be in my class. seems like everything is falling into place for me, i passed all my 7 academic exams well ( except mother tongue - urg! ) , improved in all my art areas with flying colors ( i am not exaggerating ), got my humanities subject selection i wanted, and now my art selection. back to where i was, after school, i went to work with claudia at Bonham Auction as auctioneers and it was great. we got exposed to all sorts of Snuff Bottles, Jewelry, Watches etc. some of the items were antiques and some were imperial treasures that we got to handle. Talking to the rich and those of high societies was really tiring as i had to constantly up my game and precision in language. by the end of the day we worked for only about 4/5 hours and earned 105 bucks each :) wonderful 2nd work experience , and i hope that at the end of the week i can upload the photos i scanned . it seems as though my life is finally- falling into place. i got a great job in a day's notice, high pay, ladyluck on my side, a hearty laugh, results that i wanted for so long and most importantly, a friend to share it with. i won't hope for tomorrow to be the same, for i'd live in the moment