Monday, 7 November 2011


what i'm wearing : plaid shirt, armani exchange, in tops
             felt ribbon, in accessories
                                                     chain necklace with crystal pendant, in accessories
                      snake cuff, asos, in accessories
                                   denim bralet in black, Topshop, in tops
                                                        floral paperbag shorts in mauve, topshop, in bottoms
                   velvet kisslock purse, in bags
                 gladiator sandals, in sandals

i had the most exhausting day yesterday! went to 5 different places, ate b&j's and shopped ! stayed at this vintage store for about 2 hours and talked to a guy we met - Cheng. he sells authentic vintage goods, tons of jewelry from reknowned brands like versace from the 1990s and some other items dated back to 1940s. vintage ( but very very expensive ) doc martens, top quality limited edition ray bans, hats, suits and not to mention clutches. i saw one i particularly liked from 1950s also, wonderfully embroidered , $150, and i am determined to get it the next time i visit him. his small little talk inspired me, being an artist too, and starting a business when he was my age. he got me on my feet thinking about the beauty and meaning behind these items, and to appreciate more than i ever thought i could.

thanks cheng!