Wednesday, 16 November 2011


            what i'm wearing : detachable faux-fur collar, DIY, in accessories
  leopard tank, in tops
 map pouch, in bags
                        croc tooth necklace, in accessories

i got the top and the necklace from a friend who came back from her trip to aussie in october and i figured it was time i tried it out! if you were wondering, the croc tooth is genuine and the only reason why i agreed to use it is because it came with a certificate to prove that the cause was for animal protection with every purchase or something like that. and secondly because it was a gift from a friend !

if only i had these sexy Amaranth wedge by All Caps , it would complete my casual look. sigh, half my closet wouldn't even raise enough money for these unique heels with hand-drilled holes. don't you love the wood surface?