Tuesday, 24 January 2012

rosie posie

i absolutely love this little fella. 
look how he stands! like a rock star in making.
he likes to hang onto peoples' legs like a sloth and tread through like nobody's business.a mini version of his brother, and i see him so often i never get tired.hes always in his moods, but he loves toy story just like me. once he offered to buy me a buzz lightyear action figure i'd always wanted, though even someone without brains would know that he obviously couldn't. he's the cutest, most awesome, generous kid i've seen my entire life and i hope his innocence will forever stay the same. 

what i'm wearing : rosemary dress, modparade, in dresses
                                     new york straw clutch, kimchi blue, in bags
                            pink faux leather jacket, in outerwear
                                    pearl charm bracelets, diva, in accessories

i had such a great time today taking family photos, stuffing myself like a pig and spending my time with my cousins! hours of visiting, well wishing and ang pow collecting is what a festive chinese new year celebration is all about. 

ps. thanks to Min who gave me the charm trio bracelets! And this dress will be up for sale here soon!