Tuesday, 3 January 2012

spot on sale

hello everyone, i have been thinking that since my wardrobe is almost half empty, and i need some new year clothes, i wouldn't mind parting with the remaining so i can get more cash! So heres the deal, i've been asked a couple of times from people who passed by my blog if i was selling this and that. Do note that i don't usually like to re-wear my clothes, therefore my answer is ,yes i am. 

From this year onwards, to give everyone a fair chance, anyone who is interested in what is seen in the images, please do email shoperecxic@hotmail.com with the following...

name :
item name/ description : 
offered price :

if you are keen in looking at what i have on sale currently, please drop by SHOPATOASTTOWONDERLAND.BLOGSPOT.COM & check if the item you are interested is there !

* priority goes to those living in singapore 
* for T&C do head down to my sales page