Sunday, 15 January 2012

the academy is ...

what i'm wearing: checked skirt, Zara, in bottoms
                        lace back sheer top, in tops
                                      chiffon scarf, vintage, in accessories
                                                                  studs and sequin hairband, Accessorize, in accessories
                                                    stud spike slip-ons, the scarlet room, in shoes

its spring time and the best season to mix and match all sorts of prints ranging from spotted, striped, plaid, chevron or lace! heres my back to school fashion - in my imagination. technically, my school makes us wear uniforms so if i appeared to class dressed like this, i would have broken my school rules on 3 counts,which r :
no shoes without laces
no hair to be untied
and absolutely no wearing of our own clothes

and most likely given a detention and criticized to death by the teachers for indecent exposure of too short skirts. ps. they would like us to be dressed like nuns. well, i hope everyone is having a great week, because i have been studying and studying ! its my family's reunion dinner tonight,oh yeah chill time!