Sunday, 8 April 2012

little white doves

sunday mornings i leave my house for early morning math classes, and then after a short few hours i return home to my cozy bed. usually i would go back into a dreamless sleep, away from the busy life going on outside, but today i decided to have breakfast in bed with fresh scones and crepes that my mother had brought back for me. sometimes i really wish that i had someone to curl up onto bed, sleep in late and enjoy the yummy brunch treats with. Most importantly, basking in the simplicity of another's affection, like the kind in movies. 

white chocolate pellets, cereal flakes and cheerios are my favorite toppings for yoghurt. The thick creaminess balances the squeezed orange juice is something that makes a delightful weekend morning more magical than it is. toasted scones to go with my clotted cream and raspberry jam is sinful, and meji crackers is a must. i gobbled up my crepe in seconds and what was left of it was a bit of its 'skin' that i tied into a bow and placed it on top of
my scone. and then i picked up my camera and snapped away.