Tuesday, 12 June 2012

and it was called yellow

went to Robertson Quay today, and nowadays its my favorite hang-out spot. its often quiet, great place for enjoying tea and meeting new people who are ver very nice. I've packed my one week break with tons of movies, shopping, outings and all things fun with friends sorry for the blinding , over-bright photo above. 

what i'm wearing : floral scallop oxfords, accessorize, in shoes
              mustard high-lo skirt, in bottoms
                           peppermint sprinkle cropped knit, in tops
            triangle necklace, in accessories
                            lemon chiffon garland, DIY, in accessories

had great food , yummers ! it made me happy after two strangers laughed at me for wearing my garland because no one really wears things like these in singapore, everybody is usually in t-shirt and shorts. I realized its worth being different after i got a few smiles and praises, but mentioning it makes me feel shy. 

anyway, life has been pretty good for me lately, my sales has boomed and i've been enjoying my holiday break alot.  i love the little sprinkles of mint dots on my sweater! It will be up on my shop for sale, do head down - early bird gets this lovely piece !