Sunday, 2 September 2012

she smelled of daisies


1. Sarah from Scotatto sent me a couple of her playful handmade products a few weeks ago! This deliciously adorable bacon-&-eggs pencil case is my favorite for it really makes my day. She is having a 30% storewide sale, so quick place your orders before the collection runs out ♡ Will also be holding an additional giveaway of a surprise collectable item of hers soon!

2. ( burned alive // under the radar // god is dead ( on apocalyptic occurrences and loss of hope if there ever was a situation where we had no God )   // the memory keeper's daughter // borrowed time // the distance between us // Candy ) 

These books brought words of wonder and its penetrating language has really opened my eyes to many things. Sometimes the covers are deceiving, but extraordinary, i must say.