Thursday, 30 June 2011

i'm no longer your muse.

today i decided it would be a good time to reflect - i really really miss my old friends.
my ij track & field teammates, to be exact. i only joined a couple of months and when got picked
 for the competition, i was so excited. three days before the competition, on a tuesday, i
 tripped and i fell and had a really bad scar on my hand and had three stitches. it bled like crazy.

i was really worried i couldn't run. but i did practice nights before, i was determined not to fail..
in the end, i didn't win. i beat some of my friends, but i still cried in the end because i felt that i hadn't done enough, i felt like i let myself down.i lied that it was the scar that hurt so much, because i didn't want them to feel bad for me. my friends were always by my side, even my dearest juniors. i have lost touch with some of them, but i hope they are doing well, and despite the fact that i didn't win, i am forever grateful that they supported me,their constant cheers as i did sprints, and will always be part 
of my family. my scar still remains, just like my memories of them, the day they welcomed me, the day they wished me luck for my psle, the day i bid fairwell.

what i'm wearing : varsity baseball jacket in red and navy, in jackets
                        buttton-front navy skirt, forever 21, in skirts
            curvy sunglasses, antique, in eyewear
                             tri clutch in red, moodless creature, in clutches
                navy anchor toms shoes, TOMS, in shoes

say goodbye to my jacket after today!
i wish one day my school would allow us to pick out own clothes instead of uniforms..
hmm, i really hope i will do very well at the end of the year, so i can go to united states and get 
tons of JC shoes! i want to visit disney land a couple more times

i love love love these sunnies, they are so adorable.
they do look a little bug-like, but i like weird things that you can't find nowadays.
i want to own a charity thrift store when i am retiring :)

mail time! 
don't you just love the rush of excitement when you see a package saved for you on the table?
its the meaning of new things, lovely things/

i ripped open my package (literally) and i see this really adorable necklace!
i'm in love with unicorn related items, as you can tell from the image.
oh, and thank you my dears, for sending me such amazingly cute, and not to
mention useful gifts all the time:  annabel from swissarmyfries.lj ,
leena & huixing ( forgot your lj sales url sorry!)
charlene from! ( haha we both have the same name!) 

frangipani flowers smell really sweet.
i like the white, its so pure. artificial light.
the pink/purple/blue lights are so pretty, and this has been the coldest
and also last day of the month.

from john galliano's spring/summer 09'
 the flamboyant large furry moscow/russian soldier hat, gives the overall look a little scruffy, and volume. the face is once again highlighted by the black fur-like trimmings along the edges, and the gold chain clings at her chin. her eyes have also been darkened by mascara, eyeliner and shadow, enabling her bright red lips to be outstanding. her red blazer, does give the outfit a studious, serious look, without adding accessories like badges, buttons and coats that are commonly used when creating a military "look". the sashes and bows around the waist and bust makes it a little complictated but.........(okay continuing this tmr)