Tuesday, 28 June 2011

your heart has a lack of colour

four postcards taped onto my door :)

my bursting wardrobe, those who want to take on the pleasure of owning some,
girls love nothing more than to shop.

my bottle of stones, beads and pearls and a thumb-sized lightbulb
my friend and i dared each other to steal one from our science lab -
always the same,

my favorite cereal, fruity pebbles. they taste like rainbows in your mouth,
once they ran out of it, so i got cupcake pebbles, but they weren't as good.
i like to keep colorful boxes

what i'm wearing : chanel nail polish top, in tops
tribal cardigan, pearlmilktea, in cardigans
polka dot light denim shorts, lou lou invades, in shorts
vintage box bag, by "家 ", in bags

another recycled image - sorry guys, i really don't have time to take new pics 
for i have school and i don't think you want to see my school uniform..
another day okay?

my collection of parcel snips that were once mailed to me 
some may find this weird but i just like looking at other people's handwriting!

my case of little figurines, mostly gifts by my friends,
and also some of the other stuff i got overseas or shipped over.
see those cds? they are Tokio Hotel, i am madly in love with them.

Mika badges bought by my friend for me - 
there used to be 3 and i used 2 so theres one lonely one left.
i really love vibrant stuff. i'm still a kid.

from stella mccartney 's resort 2011 collection
this beautiful dress, illustrated with flowers, is simple but intricate and delicate.
from afar, it might look stiff due to its shape, however, the soft silk and colorful
deatiled flowers gives it a different feel.
the nude color allows the dress' attention to be directed at the impressionistic illustration,
while without adding too much color.
the black near the bottom makes it seem hollow, empty and eery, and it questions the
design and the reason behind it, as it is a sudden transformation from the bright flowers.

what i really love most about stella mccartney's designs is that i have heard that she doesn't use leather,
fur, or any other sorts of animal related material.
i find that amazing, because i am against that too.