Monday, 4 July 2011

somewhere only we know

i really didn't feel like waking up early today, but i had to because i had mass meetups today with my dear buyers and sellers. but many got delayed so i decided to call it off. you know those mornings when you just don't feel like putting in effort to plan anything. breakfast at home and some How I Met Your Mother got me going and i prepped for a nice lunch, some shopping at ion with my dears.
hmmm. marmalade pantry's mains aren't the best, but their desert was tasty! especially the caramelised poached pear desert with vanilla ice-cream - its a must try, as well as their pumpkin creme brulee :)
ps: i love my coin purse, it didn't come with the chain, but i attached it myself in a minute!

what i'm wearing: drape netted top, the noir isle, in tops
                                           floral wide leg trousers/pants, topshop, in trousers
             pearl necklace, in accessories
      gold cuff, in accessories

when i was younger, i hated taking photos cos i looked bad in most of them. now that i've grow up, i've become less shy and like to experiment more. i sometimes look back at my old photo and learn to spot my mistakes and laugh a some awkward poses along the way.
i really like these topshop flare pants, i like how they sway as i walk, and how motion appears to be more graceful. i think i could have matched it better with alexander wang's off-shoulder cropped top though, shoot. :(

i did some writing and not taking and sketching at the museum, oh, and i forgot, haha went to van gogh and salvador darli's exhibition at the science and art museum. all i have to say is that Darli's art is a little dark- gorey even. the tarot cards scare me, and some artworks that were on christianity and sexuality. but, his works are inspiring and some are rather amazing, but thats all i can say for now as if i'd continue i can never stop. one thing i really loved was the light projector room showing most of van gogh's art .. i had fun prancing around alone in front of the crowd who were sitting down in front of me where the chairs were... it felt a little awkward but i couldn't resist the bright impressionist paintings being shone onto me.

heres some photo's of Darli's works - sorry i didn't name them- , i didn't take the ones i felt gorey.. or the ones that inflicted fear, things that had to do with anti-christ and pain and things like that.. because i'm genuinely scared. they might haunt me:( i get very paranoid easily, and my memory of the darkest and most hurtful things fade the slowest so i make a note to try shut out these images from my head as fast as possible before it starts changing the way i live and behave. i am sure everyone has suffered things like that before that traumatises.
oh and did you know that Darli worked for coco chanel? 
i wish i could do the same. 

some shots of my sister, her boyfriend, Edric, and i. 
we often help each other take pictures -  and some people asked me randomly if i had a professional photographer working for me - haha my photos aren't even that nice! those who have taken for me are my close friends and family :) they are always offering me a hand when it comes to these stuff, and thank you for the support - that goes for my readers too! 

hasta la vista ! thanks for the awesome youth day you guys!:)
i was going to pick up my jeffrey campbells today as a gift, but it went oos. aww, ohh wells. maybe another time, theres always another chance!
"intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"