Tuesday, 5 July 2011

record of emotions

i had a rough day at school. it could have been worse, like, two more presentations worse.
i got to take the last forty-five minutes of the day off, made me guilty but i'd choose guilt anytime 
before studying- that is, if it isn't nearing the examinations. 
i also got to watch Transformers in 3D with 7 of my friends today ! it was okay, but two of my guy friends fell asleep and i can't help but wonder how they can rest in such noisy conditions - men. it was rated one star, and i felt that the only thing i really liked was rosie huntington's victoria secret body but i got tired of hearing her scream and the fact that she didn't even get a cut - which is really unrealistic. And how i'd wish i had a robot like bumblebee, but without the annoying voice .. and a little too much action. But other than that, everything else was great :) thanks guys and my dear gisele, i love to complain about the smell of the train and how you say you are too short to breathe the fresh air above all our heads ( no argument there. grin*) truthfully, i wasn't supposed to go for the movie as i was sick on the 4th of july and had weird bumps all over my body like mosquito bites but worse. i hope i'm well enough and have time to take new pictures as am dreading a long day of school, a string of meetups, errands to run and tuition tomorrow.