Wednesday, 6 July 2011

you said i'm stubborn and i never give in.

what i'm wearing : pearly cropped top, in tops
                                              heart necklace, forever 21, in accessories
                                     blue and white cuff, in accessories
                                      denim shorts, pull & bear, in shorts

i realized there was one point in my life i wanted to be .. very very skinny.
but then i never made any progress and that was what stopped me, for once did i never put in effort to do something and it felt life changingly great. not only did it save me from being severly overweight, because i was in 2009, it helped me to see the world in a different manner. i want to help others see that being slim and not thin is two absolutely different things and its completely fine to be slim or plum. there are many ways to being slim, for example, doing sports. swimming and jogging, really does help and not dieting . it might not completely remove all fats, or slim down immediately, but it keeps your body healthy inside and out. thinking that cutting down on weight does not really mean getting skinner - body weight is based on many things ( that i do not know the names of ) and body shape is a different thing. some are born with small and light bones, and many otherwise. and its okay. perfectly fine because god made us all that way. nowadays, i eat whatever i like, i do watch my body, even though i had broken away from all my sprinting and swimming regularly but i still keep my top few places at nafa each year. we all loose and gain in our lives, and weight is one of them. one day, i'd like to help those less fortunate, fighting diseases and suffering from malnutrition. i am fortunate to be given and provided all the food i could possibly want here, and its time to think and be appreciative of what you've got. confidence outshines beauty, and when you start to believe that, people wouldn't care whether you are fat or skinny, you would still be their role model. i wish all the girls ( or maybe even some guys ) stop and think about how you are harming yourselves and think about the life we are going through and how it could end as fast as we started it just because if these thinkings.
ps: sorry for the old photo - i wore that to the script!- schools really becoming a nuisance and getting in the way of my blogging and phototaking!!! can't wait to for next week, i promise more visuals, including ones with my friends because they want to take some with me, so stay tuned