Saturday, 28 April 2012

dreams don't turn to dust

 i took this on the day my exams ended, and i just had to go out and celebrate by taking some outfit posts for my blog and then a shopping trip with my best friend. i haven't updated for over 2 weeks, and it was pure torture! the freedom makes me feel just as good as buying three pairs of shoes, and till next week when my assessments pile in, i guess i would still remain pretty satisfied 

  what i'm wearing : crotchet cream collared top, eatingzombie, in top
flare suede skirt, in bottoms
                                jesus-on-my-hand watch, vintage, in accessories
                    plaid tulip wedges, Modparade, in shoes
 garland, DIY, in accessories
         pearl shell clutch, vintage, in bags

i got these shoes months back and i love its cloth- plaid combination because of its texture! it happens to contrast a little with my top, but who said i couldn't wear beige with cream, right? i had to get this top when i saw the louis vuitton's spring embroidered Anglaise Collar, which would have cost me $625, so i settled for this inspired piece. i was hoping to make more garlands soon! 

hope everyone is having a great day