Monday, 9 April 2012

lights will guide you

i suddenly have an enormous craving for anything pink these few weeks. caries such pretty satchels of many designs from animal prints to polka dots! Not to mention in colors like raspberry and all the colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, its retails at £76 to £97 , depending on the sizes, but i've never spent so much on a bag that isn't vintage ! Its time to start saving again! 

happy late easter to everyone out there who was egg-hunting yesterday! i didn't go out, as i was home studying for my mid-terms, but i wasn't deprived from chocolate either. My sweet tooth got the better of me and i ate both a solid chocolate rabbit yesterday and cadbury chocolate egg and pudding dip that were gifts to me. It made me giddy with happiness and i decided to spread the joy by buying caramel-filled chocolate eggs for my dearest classmates! i'd always wanted to dye easter eggs in all shades of pastels, decorate them for display, and look how delicate the ones in the photo above are ! Made with love by the very talented fellow blogger Jessica Enig of Such Pretty Things

my favorite item from Tokyolux so far ( other than their doughnut pullover i simply adore, you have to check it out ) , their hand-crafted flower crowns. i've seen many versions, but not one as fragile and teeny as this, and the thinner it is, the harder it is to make. i'm such a cheapskate i refuse to pay for this, so DIY here i come! 

have a good night everyone!