Monday, 27 June 2011

never one without the other, we made a pact

dont you just hate those early morning hazy days when you feel like skipping school just to 
get a few more hours of sleep? strangely i didn't that this morning, i jumped right out of bed and
went straight to wash up.i was excited, to meet my friends, but wanted to continue on with the hols -
i can't quite explain the feeling i had in my stomach
 i like my tasty caramel flavored lip balm - i've a sweet tooth,
and i ate half a strawberry chap-stick in the past.

but i do know i really didn't like my physical education class, first thing in the morning. i prayed for 
rain the night before so that we could enjoy PE in the crisp air-conitioned halls. i guess i got my wish, for the rain but not the other half. we ended up playing netball under the heavy downpour because my teacher insisted so. wet shoes and barefoot

i detest the stench of soggy clothes and perspiration. 
polaroids, i have an Instax mini fuji cammie but would really want a coolcam ..

my best friend and i, we've been best friends since year 1!
we don't always get along, but i'd say thats pretty darn normal.
i love crossing my eyes ..

shes my soul sister - she likes everything i do,
just that shes in theatre and i'm in visual arts.
the two opposites that just so happen to meet. 

i did take alot of other photos with my other friends, but i decided not to post them, sorry!

pastels. i don't reaaally like the effect and texture when used but i do like how its placed in such
a messy fashion, and unkept properly 
art theory wasn't too bad today, we wrote about what we felt about an art piece
i felt quite interested in  - i wrote more than 1.5 pages in 15 minutes ,
called "the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living".

what i'm wearing : knitted fringe vest in nude, chicmoss, in vests
floral banded dress, modparade boutique femme, in dresses
brown suede fringe flats, in shoes

please pardon my old picture, reused from my lookbook.
gosh! i end really really late - thanks to school -
and i will try make the effort to post up new ones! 
i like the brink walls & its rusty shades 

tammy's parcel i wrapped for her - hope she recieves it any day now.
perfume bottle, ring and thank-you note wrapped in marc by marc jacobs
wrapping paper i requested from the manager - in neon pink!
by the way, thanks for the gifts today! 

from valentino garavani's retrospective haute couture autumn/winter 07'/08'

A-line, empire-cut dress, darts.
what catches my attention first is the cape, which is made out of organdy, gives the layers a soft,
 fan-like design. however, it looks bulky, large and heavy, in contrast to the figure-hugging 
dress with twisted loop detail at the bust. the fanned-out bottom half f the dress spills
 and spreads out like liquid, while the cape is compact and gathered tightly together. 

the fact that it looks elegant with or without the cape as an accessoryis fascinating. 
the way the layers of the cape swing would give rhythm to the model's walk and 
the constant swaying would make it look lively.