Sunday, 26 June 2011

we drink beer on the porch, cos im still that girl next door

i didn't like my house doors at first, because i thought the red wooden frames
didn't match the greenish glass.
i like how it contrasts now, like the weather today,
it rained in the morning and sunny in the evening :)

went to the supermart with my parents, it was really crowed, it got me so cranky.
my dad bought some beer, but truthfully, i don't like its bitter taste.
i don't really like wine, beer and smoking. when i get older maybe.

we bought some stuff, and i got hersey's kisses for my friends tomorrow..
schools reopening, and i didnt travel therefore didn't anything much.
 i guess i'd have to settle with a sweet treat!

drove around, before returning home, i love the sun when its going to set-
i like the orangey light, but its mostly cos i upped the "warm" effect on my pictures
so you can image what i saw.

my maid was plucking and trimming the grass in my garden.
i like the way our garden is always so neat and tidy and no worms
i hate hate hate bugs

what i'm wearing : flowy layered mint top, in tops
                                                     black gold eyelet shorts, stella mccartney, in shorts
                                                   vans x claw money hadley hightops, vans, in shoes
                                               black studded vest, promod, in vests/waistcoats
                                          diamond encrusted gold cuff, in accessories

i would miss my high tops once i sell them. i love its colour, but i rarely wear em'
opps, i forgot to attach the gold claw keychain to the laces, where it belonged.
hopefully its new buyer will treasure them!

this is spotty. he's more than 8 years old, my sister's dog,
its brother, rover, was my dog but got given away.
til this day i have not found who my parents had given him to, or where he is now
i pray that hes okay and is loved dearly by his owners the past years

aww, isn't he cute!
love his pink tongue, hes a toughie, and he barks at all the strangers.
time to go back to last-minute school work after this post :( gee, if only i had 
one more day 

from roberto cavalli 's just cavalli milan fashion week spring/smmer 2010 runway show

what looks like silkscreen printed snakeskin scarfs and fringed tank,
attached at different levels gives a rugged touch
it allows our eyes to roll over the many textures and prints.
the number " 8 " basic sheer tee, gives it a causal look , allowing the model to look
comfortable and not overly accessorized with details, folds or pleats.
the greens are not a wide range of shades, making the yellow stand out, matching
the wooden cuff she has on.