Thursday, 23 June 2011

rock, rolling and cut

cereal and skyflakes for breakfast. i was always a small eater.
my friend got me hooked onto these biscuits - the packaging is adorable too.
did you know they are actually $1.35 in sg and 90 cents in thailand? its insanely cheap!
not that i'm cheapo or anything . grin .

its time to get ready to go out with friends, i like playing dress up.
i love my yellow sheets, they seem cheery - like the sun on most days,
but todays' is just burning. dear, its summertime, isn't it always.

      what im wearing : black tortoise-shell sunnies with gold rim, Sting, in eyewear
                        black fringed throwover, my rose bullet, in outerwear
    gold hand harness, DIY, in accessories
             black and gold geometric ring, in accessories
     pearl shell clutch, vintage, in accessories

ohh. its the first time i'm wearing all-black in a longggg time.
 i used to think it made me look especially dark, thanks to my jet-black hair.
haha, my neighbour has a messy garden - just like my room .
something i can totally relate to/

1600 hours
i went over to my other friend's house for the second time today , media education project -
really successful!
files and files of videos.
we finished half of the filming today.

candid shot of my group mates working on the piece
with special thanks to my lovelies:
 keren our actress
 Maybelle our director
Gisele our cameraman
Maybelle's mum and neighbour for being part of our cast:) 
i learned stuff while being a co- director/ producer today,
that is: bossing , suggesting and lazing around.

i decided to day that i'll blog a little something i find intriguing, magical, fantastic - in every post. 
i used to have another blog on daily happenings, but i stopped.

jeffrey campbell - a shoe god. his designs are fantastic, 
in a way that he can make both complicating and simplicit designs appealing.
alike its describtion/overview, it does look architectural. 
what stikes me the most is the cutout on the upper part of the wedge, the curves of the carved wood. 
soft edges, that juxtapose to the otherwise geometric triangles,  making it the main focus.
the suede rubber heel, would seem to cushion and allow one to seem to walk graceful and lightweight.

the second wedge i really like is the cutout oxford wedge. from the front,
it might look like another ordinary oxford wedge, but the side-view gives it a twist.
call it shock appeal.
the leather, wood and cushion soles come together as different textures to form an
absolute whole.something worth getting.