Friday, 24 June 2011

turns of red

i only realised today the small row of houses along the side of my house.
even though they were facing my room, i rarely look at them.
i love the tiles, all in different shades of red, like the owners, they all are unique.
they form this scallop horizontal lines - how cute.
the antennas look fragile , like toothpicks

i saw one of my favorite cars today, apart from audi.
this is similar to my dream car,
 but my dream car is the one in baby blue / sky blue.
this one reminds me of  strawberry milkshakes - one of my fav drinks
and the light blue ones remind me of the sky - no limits.

    what i'm wearing: quirky tamberlane mini dress, modparade, in dresses
wine-red pleated skirt, in skirts
              strappy grey suede heels, in heels(short)

i like spinning in a skirt, i like the way the wind moves and twist the fabric.
its just like seeing the wind itself.
they remind me of sea-shells, or even the tide, because they are unpredictable.
in all three, not one is similar to the one before..
skirts that flare up remind me of the infamous photograph of 
Marilyn Monroe

red nails make me feel more like an older, sophisticated woman. 
i'm 14, if you didn't know.
when you are my age, you'd want to be 16,18 or 21.
the magic numbers

passed by here today on my way to a badminton game with my friend.
i like bakeries. they always had bread in such pretty colours, shapes and sizes
but i do see some odd ones, um, the food colouring/possibly natural looks a little poisonous.

beef noodles! 
yum. i shared with my friend, delicious, but a pity we didnt finish it all.
we had finished the badminton game, ended off with some table tennis.
talked about some amazing but wierd stories. 
nice catching up after such a long time!
 this place is really peaceful but isolated.

mr popper's penguins .
two of us watched this, love the animals
heartwarming show, we bought alot of popcorn and a large drink
  sweet sugary goodness left us bloated.
i didnt get to snap any photos, cos i left my bag in the car so i took this off the net.

i snapped a quick shot of my friend, kar yee. 
she doesn't like taking photos.
i've got quick fingers
heart this drink stall, its so happy looking with all the lovely adv signs.
too bad nobody ever gets to appreciate it.
thanks for the day out dear, we gotta hang more !!!!!

here's a little something.
this reminds me of the queen of hearts from the story, 
alice in wonderland.
from alexander mcqueen's  fall/winter-2008/2009 collection,
her outerwear, which resembles a floor-length parka
adds much volume to the garment and makes it seem extravagant.
the fabric used gives off a slight glossy surface, sewn together to make it puff up.
this makes the audience think that this garment would suit one of a boisterous 
the sweeping helm, makes it weighty,the slight glossy surface and the high-collar makes it
look almost royal.
in a whole, it looks rugged but rather balanced
i think its gorgeous, like many of his designs from his ready-to-wear/pret-a-porter
and haute couture lines.