Sunday, 3 July 2011

believing in the non-existence

items above: striped glitter bralet, in undergarments
                                            patchwork felt cardigan, modparade, in cardigans
                                 summer dress with printed details, in dresses

please my lovely ladies, help clear my exploding wardrobe.
 i have so much clothes i have moved some of it into trunks outside my room, and even into my sister's wardrobe. i'd say i'm a shopaholic, but i do know my limits and i keep a rainy day fund for emergency
apparel. sales is going really well for me, but it could still be better! sorry if it is really messy, the post has what i'd call an image overload, and i've uploaded photos and arranged them, but my laptop hangs the instant i click on the 'publish' sign :( to see the site,  CLICK HERE ! some of the images are small, and some images have no description, but do drag the image into a new tab and copy the link! i am just as excited as to sell my clothes as you are to get new ones. i always felt that clothes are a luxury, a way to express myself. i feel the rushwhen i carry new shopping bags, but i do bare the ultimate impact in the end- i work sometimes, to support my passion for clothes, especially vintage items which cost a bomb, designer items and stuff from random boutiques i pass by.when i was younger, i wanted to spend. now that i've got the power to, i still do watch carefully and decide for my self. the years i have gone through of yearning and temptation also brought about stories of those uncontrollable, disastrous spending habits that one could develop. i thank my sister, who has been one of my greatest fashion inspirations when i was younger, whom had fed me advice like we still do for each other now. designing garments has always been my first love, and hopefully it will take me down the path and accomplish all that i have dreamed and worked for the past 9 years. funding me would be a great start, have fun!