Sunday, 3 July 2011


advertorial for adriana lim

click on the link, and it will take you straight to her homepage :)
she sells apparel from static fumes, modparade and much more from the popular livejournal 
sites. do head over to her ordering and delivery tab, or do contact her on the tag board provided!
very neat layout , very friendly girl too.
do support her sales post, or join her mailing list, to see what's up and coming!

do also visit adriana 's personal tumblr site, filled with pictures of celebrities, clothing
as well as quotes compiled for enjoyment! 
do follow her anytime!

advertorial for charlene from justhelpclearthisover

a simple yet sweet blogshop, features mostly items from topshop and infamous The scarlet room,
which is one of my personal favourite sites.
having had experience with her, i find her a very caring, truthful sales girl
and is concerned with the well-being and opinion of the customers.
do contact 8-1-0-6-4-3-7-5 , if int in any of her items or have any enquiries.

more advertorials coming up soon! yet to be updated.
for advertorial rates and enquiries, do contact me @