Friday, 15 July 2011

harry potter the deathly hollows part 2 16:00

getting ready to go out soon! my sister went to camp and i raid her room 24/7.
you wouldn't miss your sister if she has great clothes, only gone for 4 days and you take anything you want :)
everyone loves vera wang's princess - floral and light scent.

what i'm wearing : striped pocket tee, mango, in tops
                            heart buckle belt, in accessories
        weaved bag, in bags
                 crotchet shorts, in shorts

i took a few photos before i went to meet my friend. don't you just love the bag?
my friend got it from bali as a gift - 
sorry for the angry looks in some of my photos and i was laughing because
 i was playing with the door and i didnt' realise an old lady was
 trying to get out of her house while i was being goofy.
i like lace shorts. i feel like i'm living in the past where they had lace petticoats 
and stuff like that, or i'd pretend i was some woodland fairy, 
please don't judge me bad.


some random shots taken @ great world, not exactly the best place because its undergoing construction but still. we came to watch our harry potter! i love clifford the big red dawg.
 if you didn't know about this cartoon when you were young, or even that it still exists, you probably have not much of a childhood, because its so adorable and friggin' famous! go watch it now, on cartoon network - or was it disney kids? not that i still watch it... :D 

everyone loves food, hopefully less than fashion. i live and breathe fashion. 
okay, but i really love sushi its refreshing and it doesn't make me very full, and its healthy.
healthy healthy HEALTHY. opposite from garrett's popcorn but we all have to have a bit of everything! its a must-try- delicious caramel coated sweet-treats( i don't like the cheese ones), and it isn't very pricey because they give so much you won't even be able to finish it. you'll find it at universal studios and some other places too. we went to the supermarket, took some pics til some grump was being sarcastic and chased us away.
sheesh i bet he has no kids.

shopping! i love toys but i made a vow to myself not to get anything other than fashion books, school books, stationary and clothes for the next few months.. toys are cute, but oh wells.
i've tons already, i don't know where else to stash em' :(

google search images

here comes the depressing part. 
mels ( my friend ) and i booked tix for 4pm's deathly hallows part 2, and we were so excited the screen was 4 times the other cinemas' and the seats were spacious!!!! we went in 15 minutes early too. i cant believe it is all coming to an end, well, technically it already did because i am writing this @ 11.57 in the sad, and even though i am not a giant fan, and i didn't catch all the movies but i really loved the ones i watched especially the chamber of secrets. its so magical. harry, hermione and ron were beyond amazing. look how much they've grown !!! their appearance has changed and they have matured, but their wonderful acting stays the same!jk rowling's imagination is wild in a good way- i cant believe she wrote such books its so cool. i think i might just catch the movie again! i didn't feel sad until last night, when my friend was looking at all the tumblr photos, and the harry potter craze was sky high in all the blog posts, facebook, twitter, everything everywhere. i'm so proud to have watched the movie and i feel thankful/ grateful, because many people didn't manage to.  and i can't believe they  organized a 25 hours harry potter marathon - at the price of about ninety bucks. some people dressed up and made it to the news, devoted. i wanted to get hermione's time turner necklace which i can order for only 30 + and also a glow-up wand that supposedly feels and looks exactly like the one they used on set but i don't think i'll deserve it- for i know of many more people who catch every opening of the movies, watch over and over again and have all the books. i don't even remember some of the scenes, even some of the characters names. two of my friends really like ron and are totally obsessed, i'm not, i'd say i like emma. shes a natural. i wish i can win the trip to harry potter world in the us, because i love imagining and pretending that i am in some place where i can perform spells and see magical creatures. the unrealistic, part of fantasy that lives within us and we don't know why.i know this might be a spoiler to those who hasn't had the opportunity to watch it - so if you haven't DO NOT continue reading - fred weasley died near the end. i cried so much :'( and i truely wanted harry and hermonie to be couple at the end of the show.... because i find that they are adorable together. and i have something for redheads, so i think ron, his brothers and his sister ginny are so cute. i am a big fan of snape too. hes a great actor, but he " died" and so did voldermont. at the end of the movie, it showed harry and ginny's children and ron and hermonie's children!! a great way to end it. happy endings contrary to the sad end of harry potter. to all the 3000++++ people involved in the making of hp, you are amazing. everyone in the entire world cheers for you, and even if you don't hear it, it lives in your heart. great great job. words can't explain how i feel .i little part of me died after the news on hp never going to continue, but knowing that you all will move away from this, and start something new, brilliant and breathtaking.
with all the luck from your fans <3
long live emma, daniel,rupert.