Friday, 15 July 2011

in a cloud

                   what i'm wearing : navy and red striped bionello, modparade, in cardigan
ruffled top, supre, in tops
                                              highwaist shorts in camel, thescarletroom, in shorts
        heart locket, gift from a friend

i spent half a day at my friend's from the night before's sleepover, in my penguin pj's my grandma made for me. truthfully, i don't fancy those satin nightwear and expensive bedroom slippers and nightmasks or blindfolds. oh and did i mention i really love the japanese toy character rilakkuma? its the brown toy i am  hugging in my sleep, its really cute and it was one of my birthday gifts from my japanese friend , Anri. 
i would want to visit japan some day again, buy all the cute toys and all the sushi in the world( except salmon sushi because i've a phobia of salmon). i also like their tea, tea ice-cream and sitting on mats to have meals, its so - nice. skiing is cool too, once i got lost at a ski resort and i cried because i couldn't find my parents. by the way sorry for this old picture i took a while back, i didn't have time to post a new one yesterday, i had to get back to completing all my work for sunday! and thanks to the dears who bought this entire outfit from me, i need wardrobe space asap, but i can't sell my locket!
i will try post new stuff later today!