Saturday, 9 July 2011

i know i can't stay

i woke up early today, five am, to send my maid off to the airport to catch her flight home to see her child, husband and mother who is sick. i will really miss her and i thank her for all the help for the past years and i hope that she would return someday when her mother is well, for she is like a second mother to me. i'm sure most of us have had helpers at home, but is there a time when we really appreciate it until they were gone? 
what i'm wearing:
seafoam cape top,, in tops
navy romper (sister's), ashincans, in rompers
black and gold belt, givenchy, in accessories
gold cuff, in accessories

i really like this cape top by thescarletroom i wanted to save it for a while before deciding to wear it but i realized i couldn't wait. :)
anyway i am still pretty sad my aunty ( maid ) left. she was so sweet! but truthfully speaking, i don't think anyone can live apart from their love ones for very long, or if their loved ones are ill. so i guess i can understand what she is going through! i have a couple of maids all my life, and i know of one who had breast cancer. i feel really bad for her but just last year, two years after we realized she had breast cancer and got diagnosed, she called back and said she was fine. another had left after 2 years to pursue her studies, because she was still very very young, and i am really proud of her too.  good things happen to good people and its never to late to tell yourself that nothing is impossible. hopefully i start believing these words too.