Friday, 8 July 2011

i saw an angel, of that i'm sure

what i'm wearing: aztec diamond long- sleeved top, zara, in tops

i really love this top. i usually don't like long-sleeved apparel, because its so hot in my country.
neither am i a big fan of zara itself, but i love the colors and mostly because it is so abstract which makes it ambiguous. unicorns and diamonds are my best friends :)

ohh and i had a good day today, because i finally finished my chinese oral. i forgot many lines but nevertheless i still feel much more confident than i was before. and i didn't have community service which usually ends at 7.30 so i got to leave school early at 4.45, and it feels great. next week i have half my days off in school from monday to wednesday and the rest of the week i don't have school at all.
looking forward to sleeping over and catching harry potter's deathly hollows part 2! 

i have many clocks on my house, but none of which are in my room. this is one of the precious and prettier ones, it shows an image telling one if its day or night, tells time like most clocks do but also tells us the weather. 
 i just had dinner, and watched some hell's kitchen. i finished an entire season in 2 days once!
chief ramsay is really awesome- and i wish i could meet him when he isn't throwing a fit and try some of his food one day without getting a scolding ..

i heard chris medina is coming to singapore soon. i hope i'll get to catch him perform, and i heard david archuleta is too. he's my 2nd favorite idol / performer, and i managed to take a picture with him and got him to sign some of my stuff during a private meet&greet. being a vip rocks socks, and i thank beverly* for the awesome opportunity. i'll post the pictures of archie and i another day :)

this is a lucky shot. managed to get this without looking thru the viewfinder on my cammie and i love it.
guess i've got to go soon.. more updates tomorrow- and i promised new photos right? well, here they are and i hope you've enjoyed them!

ohh and i am so happy joe jonas' music video for " see no more " is out since 30th june. 
i used to be i gigantic fan of the jonas brothers in 2008, but i've stopped for several years, because i didn't continue to like some of their newer songs, but joe's new single really changed my mind. i think his voice suits this song really well, and video is fantastic. really emotional song and it reminds me alot of all the past relationships i've had.

from elie saab's couture collection 2010
this is one of my favorite pieces from elie. his designs are not only elegant, femminine, but also very fragile. detailed and intricate cloth flower petals hang from the dress which adds much softness to it. 
without the help of accessories, and the sheer fabric, it allows the model to look immortal and much like a fairy, almost magical.
the crisp texture, compliments the strips of silky, shimmery fabric that runs from her bust to her lap.
 also like how the dress is gathered at the waist to give it a sensuous look, and also the way there is more volume towards the bottom of the dress and the way it flares and spreads out.