Tuesday, 26 July 2011


gosh, i'm so so so sorry i didn't have time to take new pictures these days, i end school really late, and earliest is 4 today, but i can't go out as i have an oral presentation on friday and i haven't started writing my script. annnnd what's worse that has to be in chinese language. chinese is really difficult for me, as the only time i speak it is when my popo( 'grandma' ) is around as she doesn't know english for she grew up in malaysia.so,i snapped a few random shots..and i don't think i will end early tomorrow so taking pictures to upload might not be possible :( hmm i'm contemplating if i should get a dress that isn't exactly what i'll call cheap.. its a gorgeous gingham check dress from asos, one of my fav online shops which sells almost anything a teenage girl would want( except vintage and retro stuff ). please do visit:

to help fund my new dress! and yes i was trying to lead u'all on to clear my wardrobe but i really want that dress. ohh, and thank you those who took part in the giveaway, be patient and it'll be over, for i'll annouce the winner shortly- in the next few days! i've seen some great advertorials!

all smiles,