Saturday, 23 July 2011

can't get you of my mind

images take from tumblr
these are one of my top 10 desires. i wish to be able to pull of red hair, like in many of these pretty photos of the girls. the color reminds me of.. the disney show, the little mermaid. 
sadly red hair doesn't go with my asian features , so there goes my luck:(
well, i've seen a few asians with red hair, some not tooo bad though, oh who am i kidding.
but , i've something that will cheer you up , for those who have not heard of this website: its hilarious, i love it to bits. when you're down, just take a visit there, and i'm sure, no doubts at all that you'll feel much much better. and don't deny thy fact that you'll be laughing at at least one of the posts by those strangers! or you can just listen to my boring granny stories on my train journeys on meeting really weird people on the train. okay, heres one, i saw a guy dancing the moves shown in michael jackson's thriller . and let me tell you, it wasn't a nice sight to see.. it was awkward. i certainly hope that he wasn't expecting anyone to join in and become some sort of a fash-mob because it was rather.. fail. but i do admire his confidence - 
and my friend told me that she was in a train where a foreigner boarded the train at pick hour and she swore at everyone who wouldn't make space for her.. like " can't you see i have no space! move! i need space! " or something like that but in a ruder sounding manner. she expects too much, i bet no one shifted an inch, or they probably attempted to get her out of the train for causing such a scene over a teeny tiny matter. shoo lady.
i've yet to see anyone throw up on the train because of motion sickness, not that i'm hoping for that or anything. everyone would just evacuate, effective immediately and i the smell of puke makes my eyes water. worse case senario, someone pukes on me on the train. ohhhhhgooodness i hope it never happens, i'd just die on the spot.
night night!