Friday, 1 July 2011

unnatural behavior

today a taxi uncle drove me home, and he was a little confused.
he accelerated and jam-breaked and i told him there was no rush so he 
didn't have to drive too fast, and he got the hint and said that it was because the car in front 
jam-breaked so he had to too. then he did it three more times, a coincidence? i didn't think so.
reminds me of the infamous childhood x-box game, crazy taxi which is insanely fun

what i'm wearing: cream crotchet dress, modparade, in dresses
                     heart suspender tights, topshop, in tights

i like things with scallop edged details. these topshop tights are just perfect.
please ignore the not very beautiful sky, it was too sunny to catch a good picture
or to stay too long..


i got the chance to watch the process of some of olafur e. 's projects in my design 
class today, and i have to say that his installations are mind-blowing! the 
full video lasted over an hour, but this short one is only a mere 4 minutes.
its a pity he has not yet been able to display his arts here, because i'd definitely 
want to see it in person. one of this projects, " Your Rainbow horizon"
is my favourite:)