Saturday, 2 July 2011

you are what you eat .

i had to go to my dentist today, i don't like the smell of that place.
i'm pretty used to it now that i go there often to get my braces fixed.
going to the dentist is one of many people's greatest fears, but mine is going to the optician.

hopefully my teeth doesn't hurt too much til i can't chew..
it usually happens after a brace- tightening session for it forces my teeth to shift closer together.
sorry to tempt you for posting these pictures of wayu beef from Akashi, one of the top 
few japanese restaurants here. 

do go down to : orchard parade hotel, and make reservations to get the best tables-
best service and really fresh food. especially those who like sashimi, i've heard.
i don't eat all kinds of salmon though, 
the first time i ate it, i almost threw up.

this is uncle melvin, also my godfather.
my parents have know him since before they were married, and he is really, very nice. 
his wife is mrs sally chan, and she's really sweet. 
he's 80 years old now. he goes to Akashi twice a day to have his meals!!
he claims i'm his girlfriend, and he's got like, ten million others.

i took a picture of his hands when he was talking to my mum.
i like the wrinkles and veins i see on his hands, its really natural and not like those hand modelling
photos we see on banners which are all photoshopped and fake-ish.
hands of a humble man,

kimonos - i think it is a very beautiful and traditional part of japanese culture.
i've seen them when i went overseas to japan when i was very young.
travelling was always a luxury to me, and i thank my hardworking father for the 
money spent on that and enabling me to be exposed to such stuff.

socks and slippers. i wish they were clogs though. i like the click- clacking sounds.
oh and, pray for japan.
after the disaster this year, i am thankful to leave in singapore, but i won't forget 
the help and support japan needs to grow again. 

strolling down the lane near hard rock cafe, i saw this really run-down building.
really empty, dirty and dark.
a sign said not to enter, which in case you were wondering - i didn't but went around it.
then i saw these really cute giant light bulbs and had to take a picture of it. it was rather creepy
but i guess i like to live dangerously.

i also saw this really cute sign. it actually writes ' no outside drinks beyond this point '
but i think just these three words make me feel different about myself. i don't know, to me it seems like its telling me to push myself and work from where i am now. guess theres something more each time.

hmmm, truffles, and chocolate cubes topped with 
hazelnuts, rasins, pistachios, 
almonds, coffee beans. 
these fill you with intense happiness and satisfaction. 

apple pies and some others!i've never baked a pie - i will some day.
i'll probably start with strawberry pies , raspberry, or blueberry ones.

thats my mum! looking at all the pastries, and i'm pretty sure its at least 
a train carriage long. cakes, tarts, truffles, cookies, pies, biscotti, 
stuff like creme brulee and macaroons! all for the sweet tooth.

we ate again at dome. i love how neat the display is.
charming little cafe. love the ambience too, and really friendly waiters.

i like my mum's eyeliner. its so neat, and sharp and tattooed. 
i like her bvlgari ring too, hope she passes it on to me
.anytime soon.

vanilla ice cream and lava cake. 
see how it oozes out .
heaven in my mouth is the right description.

chow time! i'm actually not a big fan of food. i really prefer buying clothes to buying food,

i love how sheer this dress is and its silky inner lining.
purple bracelet and butterflies. 
i hope i have time to make my own jewelry more often :(

what i'm wearing : pleated dress in lilac, her velvet vase, in dresses
              purple pearl bracelet, in accessories

i like it when theres no one in the restaurant. gives the quiet and peaceful time 
that you'd wish for on a busy day. 

i like reflections. 
not just light reflections but water reflections. its truthful. 
hmm, this glass makes me feel untouchable and protected but also isolated.

time to go! sayonara. 

from versace's fall 2010 collection
show cases a dazzling, royal purple corset-like dress. 
this patent, reflective dress allows light to bounce of it as if made of metal.
the symmetrical lines on the dress, makes the look like she has a curvier hourglass-like body shape.
the stunning dress, does not need any accessories, but has been cleverly paired with what
looks like cutout boots. this gives it edge. worn by both katy perry and pixie lott.

hard rock.