Tuesday, 23 August 2011

burning and the yearning

you will be able to find these items @
Topshop, Banana Republic, Chan Luu for Saks, Burberry,
Missoni, Zara, Donna Karan, Ash & Dans, American apparel,
The Limited, ASOS, Yves Saint Laurent

* i do this out of passion, and i do my own research ! so did not copy
the chunk of the net and my own mini-writeup. smirk.   

* please credit me if you are going to use the photo! thanks :)


these snoods, functional yet adorable by either framing up one's face or like thick scarves wrapped multiple times, help to break wind unlike many winter coats. its handy, easily slipped in and out too. they resembled hairnets used by women mostly in the 1940s, slowly modified into these cloth rings that promoted the idea of protection and shade under the multicolored tones & textures. the idea emerged around 2009 and i love it!