Wednesday, 24 August 2011

everything & more

don't look down because this is real, -
theres no turning back from this point.

i'm excited to go back to my old school , CHIJ St Nicks for teachers day. its not the anticipation of meeting my old teachers, but my best friends and some of my other old classmates. every year, during the holidays, i try and spend as much time as possible with them because i miss them. i miss the comfort and joy when i'm with them, no difficulties, no misunderstandings. i realized now that i don't get to visit them often so i take every chance i have to catch up, and i truly hope they feel the same way too. i feel like i have given up everything once most of us had split into different schools, i gave up my best friends, some of which i had known longer than some others, but it didn't matter because we all bonded the last 2 years of our ' lives' together. Despite the fact that led myself down the arts pathway, i never stopped referring to you guys as my IJ best friends. no one would ever mean as much to me than Jo, Shir, Shona, Jia min, Gerald and Juliette, and i hope i did make the right decision afterall, look back at these old pictures while we share our successful stories .hope you all ex-students out there reunite again this year, have a chance to meet your friends and relive those years for those few hours! looking forward to hearing your wonderful experiences on this day next week, goodbye now.

ps. jo i hope your toms arrived ZOMG & shir : fleaaaa- market saturday !!!!  :)