Thursday, 4 August 2011

locked door

shopaholics this way! Exhibit, a exquisite boutique tucked away in the corners of many shops in Far East. i chanced upon this cozy little shop, last friday, and fortunately, i found my pretty pair of swallow Miu Mius i've been considering to import for quite some time now. Exhibit, brings in approximately 5 pairs in various sizes of each shoe design, and thats what makes it so unique, their accessories, and apparel never fail to impress. i called in days ago, and made up my mind to order this gorgeous pair - thankfully it was the last piece they had - and i was delighted to know that the shop owner and her assistant had so much manners and i admired that :) they also made reservations for me and gave me a discount, very nice indeed. like every child who yearns to have a taste of a triple chocolate fudge brownie, i was dying to uncover the gold dusted pink miu miu box that came along, remove its dust bag, and trot home in it gleefully . holding the exclusive big black bag in my hands, gave me a satisfaction of spending what i had earned all by myself. although a 14 year- old wouldn't usually be particularly excited over branded items, i've guess i've moved on from toys and games. for those who are fashion fanatics and are interested, their pricing of shoes, are more or less at the $200 range, and carries brands like derek lam and miu miu, but theres more to come for their upcoming event will announced onto Facebook, and i'm looking forward to attending as well as being their future member!